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Dragon Quest Treasures


Jul 14, 2023

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Jan 11, 2024

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Dragon Quest Treasures

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What is Dragon Quest Treasures about?

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES is a captivating treasure-focused RPG, providing a limitless adventure with abundant treasure quests.

Erik and his sister Mia, residing on a Viking ship, nurture the dream of exploring the world in search of an extraordinary treasure. Their fate takes an unexpected turn when they encounter two strange creatures, Porcellus and Persiana, transporting them all to a mysterious place called Draconia. This legendary land is teeming with monsters to discover and treasures waiting to be unveiled, finally realizing the long-awaited adventure for Erik and Mia.

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES offers an immersive experience where treasure hunting takes center stage in the plot. The action unfolds in Draconia, a continent brimming with countless riches. Follow Erik and Mia in their quest for legendary dragon stones, while uncovering as many treasures as possible throughout their journey!

Faced with the constant threat of rival clans, Erik and Mia are compelled to form their own clan and establish an operational base. Each treasure they acquire will contribute to the overall value of their treasure room, and once this threshold is reached, the clan will ascend to a higher level, unlocking new treasure-hunting skills and the possibility of expanding the base.

Draconia, shaped from the remains of two gigantic golden dragons, has evolved over the ages into six islands due to the erosion of their rocky bodies. Erik and Mia can explore five distinct biomes in search of treasures, including volcanic mountains, stifling deserts, and icy expanses. Each island is home to a variety of monsters, and with Erik and Mia’s draconic daggers, they can recruit these creatures into their clan. Each monster possesses a special skill called “specialty,” allowing them to fly through the air or burrow underground to overcome obstacles in their path. By collaborating with these friendly monsters, Erik and Mia can track down hidden treasures in every corner of Draconia!

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