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Prison Architect 2


May 07, 2024

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Prison Architect 2

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What is Prison Architect 2 about?

Experience the world’s premier prison management game, now in 3D!
Utilize your resources to construct, manage, and oversee your prison in the classic style of Prison Architect, now in stunning three-dimensional visuals! Design every corner of your prison and oversee everything, from daily schedules to regulations, ensuring that your facility is safe, self-sufficient, and secure.

Build the ultimate penitentiary
Spread the infrastructure of your prison across multiple floors and utilize a plethora of new sophisticated tools that enable you to construct a technologically advanced penitentiary. The design of your prison will influence every aspect of your inmates’ lives, so plan accordingly!
The world’s smartest inmates
Individual inmates have their own schemes: they now form distinct relationships that influence their behavior, make decisions based on their desires and needs. Watch them interact and try to overcome the daily challenges of your prison. Remember that every choice you make has the power to aid or hinder the correctional journey of your inmates. You choose the relationship your inmates have with your prison.

The prison tycoon
Create and manage a true institution from the top, constructing unique penitentiaries in a freshly enhanced Career mode that allows you to explore an entirely new world map. Will your prisons become monuments of rehabilitation or punishment? But most importantly, will they be profitable?

Every action has a reaction
Choices matter; yours will determine the fate of your prison. You have more control than ever over the inmates, penitentiary policies, architecture, and much more, meaning there are more ways for things to go right… or wrong! Plan carefully, or else you may face costly and destructive problems such as escapes, gang wars, and all sorts of issues.

Prison Architect 2 Trailer Gameplay

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