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Feb 20, 2024

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The Thaumaturge

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What is The Thaumaturge about?

The Thaumaturge is an isometric RPG with a intricate narrative, presenting tactical combat, character development, and investigative methods in a unique manner. Set in a world infused with mysterious forces and teeming with strange ethereal creatures called Salutors, moral ambiguity will accompany all your choices.

The year is 1905, and Warsaw is under the control of the Russian Empire. Its inhabitants form a diverse group with varying origins, opinions, and beliefs – Russian soldiers, Jewish merchants, Polish city dwellers, and more. Despite the circumstances, Warsaw is a lively metropolis where one can attend a grand party with high society and, shortly thereafter, be robbed in the dark alleys of the Praga district. A city filled with great hopes and dark ambitions.

A thaumaturge carries both a gift and a burden. This holds true for Wiktor Szulski, the eponymous protagonist, returning to the tumultuous streets of Warsaw for family reasons. This thaumaturgic gift could also be considered a family affair, as it is common among his ancestors. Thaumaturgy has shaped Wiktor’s life path, tied to the quest for beings from another world and their hosts. Since only thaumaturges can tame these beings, known as Salutors, and thus uncover the hidden secrets in the human soul and speak to the Darkness, no one but Wiktor knows better than him that everyone has their own demons.

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