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Dragon’s Dogma 2


Mar 21, 2024

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Dragon’s Dogma 2

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What is Dragon’s Dogma 2 about?

Dragon’s Dogma is a richly detailed, single-player action RPG that invites players to shape their own experience, from the appearance of their Arisen to their class, party composition, approach to various situations, and more. With this highly anticipated sequel, the expansive fantasy world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 now beckons you to explore.

During your journey, pawns will join you. These mysterious supernatural beings create the sensation of being accompanied by other flesh-and-blood players throughout this unique adventure.

The experience is further elevated by cutting-edge physics systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and graphics that bring the enchanting fantasy world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 to life.

  • Wield swords, shoot bows, and harness magic.
    Dragon’s Dogma 2 classes allow you to approach combat as you see fit.
  • Players can customize their main Pawn, a constant companion to the Arisen,
    and form a party with up to 2 additional Pawns from other players, through a network connection.
  • Beyond the city limits, you will encounter various monsters that inhabit these lands.
    The choice is yours whether to fight or find alternative means.
    So, be mindful of your party configuration, the surrounding terrain, and the creatures that stand in your way.
  • Travelers, merchants, soldiers, and other brave individuals go about their daily lives.
    Engrossed in their own goals and motivations, they all harbor different emotions.
    At times, they might guide you toward a quest by seeking your assistance.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Trailer Gameplay

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17 days ago

good game.I have already Pre-purchased this game


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