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Endless Dungeon


Oct 19, 2023

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Endless Dungeon

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What is Endless Dungeon about?

Endless Dungeon is a distinctive fusion of roguelite, tactical action, and tower defense, all set within the renowned Endless Universe. Plunge into the depths of an abandoned space station, either alone or with companions in cooperative play. Assemble a crew of shipwrecked heroes and stand guard over your precious crystal against relentless hordes of monsters, even if it means facing repeated challenges and trying again.
Stranded within the confines of a forsaken space station, your sole means of escape hinges on reaching The Core. However, you must safeguard your fragile crystal bot, as it’s a coveted target for every creature within the station. Think swiftly, strategize soundly, deploy your turrets, and then prepare for the explosive showdown!
You can confront the station’s horrors as a lone adventurer or join forces in thrilling 3-player co-op mode. Once prepared, venture into the Station to undertake a character’s mission, attempt an escape, or let loose on the station’s inhabitants. The odds are high that you’ll face defeat in the process, but that’s all part of the space dungeon experience!

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