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Homeworld 3


May 13, 2024

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Homeworld 3

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What is Homeworld 3 about?

The triumphant saga of the game of the year, Homeworld, continues. Since the conclusion of Homeworld 2, the galaxy has experienced an era of abundance thanks to the hypergate network of hyperspace. Cycles of prosperity and war have marked its history. Now, the gates themselves are in a catastrophic state; and Karan, elevated to the status of myth and religiously idolized, holds the key to the mystery threatening the future of the galaxy.

Strategic, breathtaking, and truly unique, the award-winning science fiction strategy game makes a grand return with Homeworld 3. Take command of your fleet in a stunning, fully 3D universe, all while following an award-winning narrative unfolding on a galactic scale.

Strategic freedom is yours. Massive space rovers, known as megaliths, introduce 3D terrain into Homeworld’s classic space combat. Use the ruins of an ancient civilization to ambush your opponents or to conceal your fleet from the eyes of powerful enemies. Fortresses filled with menacing turrets entice your attack ships to venture into dangerous trenches behind enemy lines. However, not everything is under your control. Perilous space phenomena such as particle storms and asteroid fields will test even the most seasoned commander.

Attack head-on with clever flanking, or even from above and below your enemies. Homeworld 3’s fully simulated ballistics establish a line of sight and consider critical strategic considerations. Your fleet endures from mission to mission. Scars on your ships remain. Attack ship pilots and capital ship captains exchange crucial information on the battlefield.

Homeworld 3 Trailer Gameplay

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