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Helldivers 2


Feb 08, 2024

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Helldivers 2

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What is Helldivers 2 about?

The galaxy is facing its final onslaught. Dive into the heart of the action by joining the Helldivers, engaged in a fierce struggle for freedom across a hostile galaxy. The fundamental principles of freedom, peace, and democracy are at stake, representing the inalienable rights of every individual from the Super Earth. These pillars of our civilization are threatened by the raging war, putting our very existence in jeopardy.

  • Join the ranks of the galaxy’s finest army to restore freedom and security to your home. Form squads of up to four Helldivers, with strategic missions assigned to you. Cooperation is crucial, as friendly fire is inevitable, but victory without teamwork is impossible.
  • Whether you choose to rain freedom from the skies, infiltrate enemy territory, or charge headfirst into the heat of battle, how you administer freedom is up to you. A vast array of explosive firearms, robust armor, and decisive stratagems will be at your disposal, comprising the jewel of any self-respecting Helldiver’s arsenal.
  • Capturing enemy planets, defending against invasions, and completing missions will contribute to the war effort. The outcome of this war depends on everyone’s actions. To succeed, we must stand united, or we will fail.

Helldivers 2 trailer Gameplay

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