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Monster Hunter Stories


Jun 14, 2024

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Monster Hunter Stories

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What is Monster Hunter Stories about?

Immerse yourself in the world of Monster Hunter through a fresh and captivating lens with Monster Hunter Stories. No longer are you hunting monsters; instead, you forge bonds with them, raising them as your own in a tale that celebrates the Riders.

Returning fully voiced in both Japanese and English, the first installment of the Monster Hunter Stories series introduces additional features such as the Museum Mode, where you can enjoy music tracks and admire illustrations, delving even deeper into the Monster Hunter Stories universe.


You step into the shoes of a hero born in a village of Riders, individuals who make their livelihood by raising monsters. Overcoming numerous trials, you eventually leave your village to embark on an adventure. Despite cultural differences, you learn to live and cooperate with hunters, eventually bridging the gap between these two vastly different communities.

The situation takes a dire turn when a calamity known as the Black Blight emerges, threatening peaceful lives and the world at large. Riders and Hunters alike are pushed to their limits in the face of this peril.

The key to the world’s survival lies in the Friendship Gem and its hidden power, much like the “Legend of Redan,” which unravels the secret origins of the Riders! Throughout this epic journey, you’ll discover the true meaning of friendship, strengthening alongside the bonds you forge. A tale of friendship and triumph awaits—dive into the world of Monster Hunter Stories!


  • A turn-based RPG set in the Monster Hunter universe!
  • The strategic and intuitive combat system is accessible even if action games pose a challenge. Unleash powerful, fast, or technical attacks to identify and counter your opponents’ tactics. Deal significant damage and emerge victorious! Fill your Friendship Gauge to use skills or try out your Monsties’ unique Friendship Talents!
  • Tame monsters from the series to become your Monsties!
  • Use your companions’ abilities to aid in your explorations, hatch eggs you find, and continually transform more monsters into Monsties! Encounter popular creatures from the Monster Hunter series, such as Zinogre, Nargacuga, and Lagiacrus.
  • Participate in the Rite of Channeling to awaken latent abilities in your Monsties. Raise unique Monsties and face powerful enemies!
  • Online play: Form a powerful group with your Monsties and engage in combat with other players!
  • New features:
    • Fully voiced in Japanese and English!
    • The story becomes even more captivating with the voices of Japanese or English actors.
    • The Museum offers numerous bonus contents, including over 200 conceptual illustrations, some of which are unveiled for the first time, as well as many music tracks. Some of them make their debut in Surround Sound!
    • All updates are included, featuring all monsters introduced through various updates of the original title, such as Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Rajang, along with additional endgame content and expanded character customization possibilities!

Monster Hunter Stories Trailer Gameplay

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