Assassin’s Creed Red | Leaks Hint at Exciting Changes in Feudal Japan

assassins creed red

Assassin’s Creed Red is once again the subject of various leaks, and this time around, significant changes are promised for the upcoming installment. The question that naturally arises is whether these changes will be well-received by the diverse fanbase.

Within the lineup of upcoming Assassin’s Creed projects, one in particular has ignited more curiosity among players than the rest. This is the installment tentatively named Red, though it’s acknowledged that this might not be its final title. This particular edition has generated numerous theories and notably raised the excitement of fans, as it pledges a substantial game experience set in feudal Japan. However, despite this enthusiasm, Ubisoft seems reluctant to bring it to the forefront anytime soon. Consequently, leaks are taking the lead in providing additional insights, and there are fresh details to consider.

Assassin’s Creed Red: A Departure from the Norm?

Today’s revelations come from the reputable leaker j0nathan, who has just posted a YouTube video sharing several aspects of Assassin’s Creed Red. One notable departure mentioned is the reduction of markers on the in-game map, offering less guidance to players, reminiscent of the unguided mode in Elden Ring or AC Odyssey.

The map is anticipated to potentially surpass the size of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s while falling short of Odyssey’s scale. In essence, this new Assassin’s Creed promises to be more challenging and immersive than its predecessors. But there’s more to it! New and unique gameplay mechanics inspired by another FromSoftware game are reportedly in the mix. This includes a grappling hook akin to Sekiro’s, albeit with less hand-holding—a described “manual” grappling hook. Additionally, a posture bar reminiscent of FromSoftware’s titles is expected.

The Revival of Infiltration and Beyond?

Furthermore, the game is set to elevate the experience of infiltration with novel mechanics. Players may have the ability to go prone and seamlessly blend into the environment (utilizing tall grass, hiding behind structures, etc.). In a manner reminiscent of Splinter Cell, players should be able to take cover in shadows and extinguish torches to create concealed spots. In line with the traditional Assassin’s Creed theme, players will also have access to various gadgets. Depending on the character played, options may include kunai, shurikens, bells, or smoke bombs. Finally, a new system termed “Spy” is proposed, enabling players to infiltrate camps and spare commanders to convert them into spies under their command.

assassins creed red protagonist

Taking these new details into consideration, significant alterations are on the horizon, including potential advancements in graphics. The insider doesn’t guarantee that the game will be visually stunning, but asserts there will be a discernible improvement compared to recent titles in the Assassin’s Creed series. These substantial modifications could potentially breathe new life into the franchise. However, a portion of the fanbase remains skeptical and has already expressed reservations about these potential changes. The key question lingering is whether the essence of playing an Assassin’s Creed title will persist amid these transformations.

Another Leak Emerges

Insiders continue to furnish regular updates on Assassin’s Creed Red, although it’s essential to approach these leaks with caution. One of the most reliable insiders, Tom Henderson, has claimed that this open-world action RPG will introduce two playable characters: a shinobi and an African samurai. Corroboration for these statements is found in various elements. Firstly, Pierre Boudreau, a contributor to the title, has updated his LinkedIn banner with artwork from the game, featuring one of the presumed protagonists. Secondly, Insider Gaming, a reputable media outlet, recently stated that Yasuke, a real-life African samurai, will be one of the two playable characters.

If these details prove accurate, which seems plausible, it heralds a significant departure for the series. It would mark the first instance where players assume the role of a historical figure who genuinely existed in the Assassin’s Creed universe. While the in-game story may not precisely mirror historical events, this introduction of a real-life figure adds a distinctive layer to the gaming experience. As always, it’s crucial to approach this information with discernment, but it undeniably adds an extra layer of anticipation to the evolving narrative.

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