Helldivers 2 | Unleashes Exciting Free DLCs

Helldivers 2 for PS5 and PC just launched a slew of exciting new free content that’s causing quite a stir.

In Helldivers 2, the stakes are high as Super-Earth faces yet another onslaught from one of the game’s two factions. Despite their earlier defeat, the robotic foes weren’t completely vanquished, allowing Arrowhead Game Studios to bring them back with ease. The Automatons have returned and the community has eagerly jumped into the fray with the latest mission. If you’re finding the challenge tough, these new DLCs might offer some relief.

Helldivers 2 updates with enticing free DLCs

If the Automatons are proving to be a tough nut to crack, there’s a strategy: fight relentlessly and do everything possible to earn numerous medals. Once you’ve collected these, you can exchange them for superior gear. The developers have cleverly expanded the virtual store recently to include new weapons, armor, and cloaks under the new Democratic Blast premium war obligations. This battle pass is free in Helldivers 2, though those in a hurry can opt to pay.

What’s in this Helldivers 2 battle pass?

Everything a perfect soldier fighting for freedom and democracy might need. To clear Super-Earth of Terminides or Automatons, you can rely on new lethal gadgets like the BR-14 Peacemaker Rifle for piercing armor; the R-36 Rifle for sending shrapnel scattering on impact; the explosive CB-9 Crossbow; a G-123 thermite grenade; and the GP-31 grenade pistol. This gear is highly offensive but is balanced with defensive items.

The Democratic Blast war obligations in Helldivers 2 also include various armors: a heavy set, a medium set, and a light outfit, each tailored to different combat scenarios. Additionally, purely cosmetic capes are also up for grabs.

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