Star Wars Outlaws | Price Controversy Strikes Again

Following the controversy over price increases, Star Wars Outlaws has once again drawn player ire with a decision that, while not new, continues to be contentious.

This latest entry in the Star Wars series promises to captivate with numerous reveals and references to George Lucas’s saga. Well-known characters will return, and fans will have the chance to explore both iconic and new settings. Although information and trailers have so far soothed concerns, complications have marred the promotional campaign, and another controversy has erupted. To get the full version of the game at launch, players will need to spend a substantial amount.

In response to the criticisms detailed below, Ubisoft issued an official statement. Fans of Jabba the Hutt will be pleased to know he is indeed in the base game. According to Ubisoft, Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel play a central role in Star Wars Outlaws and will be included in the game for everyone who purchases it, regardless of the edition. The Jabba’s Gamble mission is a bonus task available only to those who own the season pass or a special edition of the game.

The complete version of Star Wars Outlaws starts at $119.99. The game meets expectations with its adherence to the Star Wars universe, its expansive world, and innovative dynamics such as a reputation system that affects the course of the adventure. Developed by Ubisoft Massive (creators of The Division 2), the game is highly anticipated. However, it has also been criticized for some unpopular decisions, including the requirement of an internet connection for installation, applicable to both PC and consoles.

Moreover, there is controversy over the pricing of different editions of the game, ranging from $79.99 to $139.99, with Gold and Ultimate editions offering bonuses like early access and a season pass. The season pass content includes an exclusive mission, Jabba’s Gamble, only accessible by spending a substantial amount. This pricing policy has provoked strong reactions, with many considering the cost to access this mission excessive and suggesting that such content should be offered separately rather than being locked behind additional fees.

The inclusion of Jabba in the initial trailer also caused confusion and discontent, suggesting that key elements of the gameplay experience are locked behind additional payments, which has exacerbated frustrations. The season pass will allow Kay to settle an old debt with Jabba, adding an extra dimension to the main story, but at what cost?

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14 days ago

god, I hate games that chain a puppet to the main character🤮


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