Monster Hunter | Collector’s Vinyls Now Available!

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Monster Hunter fans, rejoice! A stunning collector’s item is now available for pre-order, sure to delight enthusiasts of this iconic franchise.

Since the release of Monster Hunter World in 2017 and more recently Monster Hunter Rise, the series has become one of Capcom’s most popular and profitable, captivating millions of players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The success of the original game and its massive expansion, Iceborne, has fostered a large community of fans and collectors.

For these enthusiasts, an especially appealing collector’s item has appeared on Amazon: a set of collector’s vinyls. Each disc is housed in a colorful sleeve featuring the game’s major monsters and contains a selection of the soundtrack from Monster Hunter World. Priced at around fifty euros, this set is scheduled to ship for delivery around August 28th.

Monster Hunter Collector's Vinyls 2

For the most dedicated fans, Laced Records, a well-known specialist in luxury vinyl editions, offers a deluxe box set with six discs, each in an elegant sleeve themed after the game. This collector’s set is available for approximately 110$, exclusively on the Laced Records website. A must-have for Monster Hunter fans.

Monster Hunter Collector's Vinyls

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