Suicide Squad | Game Falters Early Demise Predicted

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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, developed by Rocksteady Studios (known for Batman Arkham), appears to be heading for failure sooner than expected.

Although Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League had the potential for disaster from the start, it’s not all bad. However, the overwhelming number of drawbacks makes it hard to be optimistic about the game’s future. Our review previously hinted at this outcome, and recent developments confirm our concerns. Warner Bros Discovery has openly expressed its disappointment with the game, stating it “did not meet expectations.” Even the first season featuring the Joker failed to reignite interest among players.

The game struggled right from its launch. Rocksteady Studios quickly introduced Season 1 in an effort to attract players, but it made no significant impact. Worse yet, the new content only further damaged the already tarnished reputation of the game. Players who gave the Joker a chance were left disappointed by the repetitive nature of the content, describing it as a mere reskin of Metropolis with the same tedious grind. No comeback is in sight, and the future of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League seems bleak.

Currently, Rocksteady Studios has officially promised three more seasons, each introducing new characters, environments, weapons, activities, and mid-season updates. However, journalist Miller Ross suggests there might be a fifth season, which could be the last. According to Ross, “Season 4, scheduled for January 2025, will introduce Deathstroke as a playable character… Based on my sources, it will likely be the last season of the game following the unimpressive impact of the recent Season 1 on sales,” he reported via X.

In a potential boost for fans, Miller Ross reports that Deathstroke will be a playable character in future updates, confirmed by recent game hacks that exposed files including Deathstroke and his equipment. While players could use him online, the model did not load correctly. Warner Bros has been actively working to remove any leaks, even minor ones like Deathstroke’s name appearing on the end-of-game scoreboards.

Ross’s post on X also hints at the return of Batman in Season 4 of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, once again voiced by the legendary Kevin Conroy. Conroy had reportedly recorded his dialogue lines before his passing. Multiple sources at Rocksteady have told me that Kevin Conroy recorded dialogue lines for the post-launch content campaign, Ross noted. While this news might please fans, it remains uncertain if it will be enough to draw them in. On Steam, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League continues to struggle, reaching a peak of only 893 players in the last 24 hours.

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