Call of Duty | Activision’s Bold Anti-Cheat Measures

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Cheating poses a real threat to multiplayer games, compelling developers and publishers to continuously demonstrate creativity to counteract this menace. In Call of Duty, the adopted response is rather radical.

Cheating constitutes a devastating element for the online gaming experience of numerous players. Nothing is more frustrating than falling victim to cheating that completely compromises immersion or annihilates rankings. Aware of this issue, Activision Blizzard has implemented a particularly effective method to penalize offenders in Call of Duty. An undeniably radical approach. However, is this measure sufficient to definitively eradicate cheating during gameplay?

Call of Duty | A revolutionary anti-cheat strategy?

Activision, renowned for its successful franchise, Call of Duty, has recently implemented an innovative and somewhat playful approach to combat cheaters. After experimenting with various methods, such as disabling parachutes in Warzone or neutralizing players using cheats, the company now targets users of unauthorized tools that enable aim assist activation when using a mouse and keyboard.

According to the anti-cheat team Ricochet, as soon as security systems detect such behaviors, the Call of Duty application automatically shuts down. Complex cheats are now a thing of the past; the game abruptly ends. Ricochet specifies, “Repeated use of these tools may result in additional sanctions on the account.” In other words, persistent cheaters risk suspension or permanent banning from Activision.

This approach aims to ensure fair play for all participants. Aim assist primarily assists players on consoles or using controllers to compensate for the superior precision offered by a mouse. Although this new measure does not completely resolve cheating issues in Call of Duty, such as cheats allowing wallhacks to see through walls, it actively discourages cheaters. Activision’s approach proves effective in titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Warzone.

Various methods are employed to counter cheating. For instance, Counter-Strike Global Offensive relies on a community system called Overwatch. In this system, experienced players review replays of suspected cheating incidents and vote to determine whether the player in question is cheating or not.

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