EA gauges fan input on Dead Space’s path forward

Dead Space Remake

With excellent critical reviews, the resurgence of the space horror game has opened prospects for its publisher, which has decided to seek players’ input for future developments.

In a close contest of sci-fi and thrills, The Callisto Protocol, made by the creators of the original Dead Space, faced off against the latter’s impressive technical and playful remake of a game that has become iconic (Dead Space Remake). The remake emerged victorious in this duel, enhancing its source material, whereas The Callisto Protocol missed the chance to outshine by compiling errors. With unanimous critical success and more than encouraging sales, publisher Electronic Arts logically contemplates continuation. To understand fan expectations better, the publisher has initiated a survey to gather their views.

The public response was somewhat mixed to this proposition. Partly because Dead Space 2 still impresses technically for its age (after all, it released in 2011), and the third installment isn’t quite as beloved by fans of the franchise. Nevertheless, EA Motive studio, responsible for the first game’s remake, is reportedly willing to continue the restoration and improvement efforts, per VGC’s report, where creative director Roman Campos-Oriola appears quite willing. This assertion comes as the studio is already working on a title as significant and ambitious as the upcoming Iron-Man game, following some disastrous video game adaptations of Tony Stark’s adventures.

For both the publisher and the studio, it’s easy to envision that such projects would be straightforward to implement. The tools and knowledge gained from remastering the first game could decrease production timelines and costs. Thus, embarking on Dead Space 2 and 3 remakes could be profitable and simple. However, the players’ desire seems to lean more towards an entirely new fourth installment. This preference may not exactly suit Electronic Arts, but the mere existence of a survey reveals exploration in determining the next chapter for Isaac Clarke’s adventures.

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