Elden Ring | Confirmation for the DLC everyone is Awaiting

elden ring dlc

Despite the passing of seasons, Elden Ring maintains its distinct hold in the passionate hearts of enthusiasts and the imaginations of players. With this acknowledgment, it seems that the horizon is favorable for the advent of a captivating revelation.

Elden Ring, crowned as GOTY 2022, remains a cornerstone for many players. The desire for a renewed immersion in this universe persists, fueling the fervent wish to quickly discover the “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC. The players’ aspirations may well materialize, as behind-the-scenes activities reveal the beginnings of something exceptional. Here’s what is unfolding on the horizon.

Elden Ring | A colossal surprise is coming?

Twitter user @Ziostorm1, renowned for frequent contributions to the Elden Ring community, recently uncovered a brand-new DLC pack for Elden Ring within the PC files. This discovery, arising from a recent update, eloquently demonstrates the effectiveness of datamining, a method for unearthing concealed information.

This find intensifies speculations surrounding the “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC, announced the previous year and seemingly poised for debut. @Ziostorm1 noted that this Elden Ring DLC pack represents the first substantial update of files since the game’s initial launch. Their observations were shared in a recent tweet, available below.

The exact size of the file remains undetermined, and developers have not issued any official statements on the matter. It would be surprising if developers delayed promoting such an eagerly anticipated DLC, though the possibility of an unexpected launch is not ruled out.

The clues appear to align

It’s worth noting that @Ziostorm1 had previously unveiled an undisclosed collaboration between Elden Ring and Thrustmaster in December 2023. This revelation included images of custom controllers in Elden Ring’s colors, presumed to be in harmony with the Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC.

These pieces of information have sparked speculation among fans about a potential release date for Elden Ring’s new DLC on February 25, coinciding with the anniversary of the original game’s launch in February 2022. It is prudent to approach this information with caution to avoid disappointment. Nevertheless, such a move from FromSoftware would not be surprising. In fact, it would be quite logical.

To top it all off, player excitement is palpable, especially due to PureArts’ announcement of their new creation stemming from a collaboration with Elden Ring, scheduled for February 2024. This date, coinciding with the game’s second anniversary, has piqued the curiosity of many players. While this announcement should be approached with caution, it’s interesting to note that PureArts is renowned for detailed figurines. The lack of a preview raises questions: could this creation represent a character from the upcoming DLC? It’s a hypothesis that many are currently considering. All elements seem to converge in the same direction, hinting at a very promising future.

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