Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut | PC Configuration

ghost of tsushima director's cut pc

The recent announcement regarding the required PC configurations for the next adaptation by PlayStation Studios stands out for a unique reason: the upcoming release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on Steam and Epic Games Store on May 16. This special edition for Sony Interactive Entertainment will feature a PlayStation interface and trophies, traditionally only available to console users.

PlayStation’s blog has confirmed that the multiplayer mode Legends will support cross-platform play with PlayStation consoles. Introduced by a surprise update after its absence at the initial launch in July 2020, this mode, independent of the main game, is praised for its efficiency and lack of microtransactions. PC users will be able to interact with those on PlayStation 4 and 5 through integrated voice chat, provided they log in through their PlayStation Network account.

A notable novelty with this release is the introduction of a completely redesigned PlayStation interface on PC, which will not be available on Steam Deck. It will include elements such as the player’s profile, friend list, trophies, and settings, and can be accessed through the game menu or a keyboard shortcut. Additionally, trophies earned on the PlayStation 5 version of Ghost of Tsushima will be synchronized with the PC version for users logged into their PlayStation Network account. The game will also support achievements on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Nixxes, responsible for the porting, has released the necessary configurations for the game one month before its launch.

ghost of tsushima director's cut pc configuration

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