Hogwarts Legacy | A Historic Triumph in 2023

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has just dethroned a universally known franchise, securing itself a memorable place in history. It had been several years since anyone had achieved such a feat.

The year 2023 was undeniably marked by Hogwarts Legacy, a year itself rich in major releases. It is indisputable that a game set in the enchanting world of Harry Potter was destined for considerable success. It managed to captivate an audience of all ages, including those not accustomed to regular gaming. Consequently, its sales figures are logically substantial, exceeding even the highest expectations. In 2023, it surpassed a renowned license, putting an end to a supremacy that had lasted for several years.

Let’s shift our focus to the United Kingdom and delve into the figures. In this market, Hogwarts Legacy has seen over 12 million units sold in physical copies. Not surprisingly, the PS5 version led the sales, followed by the PS4 edition and the Nintendo Switch variant. This outcome is expected, considering that the PlayStation 5 version was released first. Yes, there was a significant gap of several months between the game’s launch on Sony’s new console and the older one, a factor not to be overlooked.

Regardless, the impressive sales make it the best-selling game in the United Kingdom for 2023 in terms of physical copies. For a considerable period, this position was held by the FIFA franchise (now EA FC). The only time it was displaced was in 2013, thanks to GTA 5. Afterward, it dominated the competition for a decade until the emergence of Hogwarts Legacy. Therefore, one could confidently assert that it’s a historic achievement. One thing is certain, such a shift is unlikely to happen again anytime soon.

A notable achievement in the United States.

Hogwarts Legacy has once again delivered an unexpected twist. In November 2023, in the USA, it outpaced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III in both physical and digital sales rankings. Typically, achieving such a feat is reserved for iconic franchises like those under Rockstar Games. However, Avalanche Software’s production proves that nothing is beyond their reach. It is conceivable that the holiday season, particularly Christmas, played a significant role in boosting sales.

One could even argue that this success was strategic. The release of the Switch edition in November perfectly coincided with the time when people start shopping for family gifts. Consequently, despite a substantial gap between the Switch version and the PS5 counterpart, its impact was likely substantial. Nevertheless, Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo’s platform didn’t garner as much unanimous acclaim. The title faced numerous technical issues upon its launch, although a significant portion of them have presumably been addressed through a substantial update.

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