Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Unveiling Sujimon

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

After showcasing its game within the game through the Dondoko Island, a kind of Animal Crossing with an RGG twist, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth challenges the concept of Russian dolls with a game within a game within a game. Enter the Sujimon fighters of Hawaii, an obvious parody of collectible Pokémon with their own set of mechanics, quests, dedicated battles, and Dondoko activities.

What are Sujimon?

Scattered across the city, Sujimon fighters spread terror under the Hawaiian sun. It’s up to Ichiban Kasuga to recruit them by giving them a good chair shot to the clavicles and bribing them with appropriate gifts. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will also feature regular raids where you are guaranteed to recruit the highlighted Sujimon. You can then send your pocket allies into 3v3 battles, reminiscent of Dragon Quest VIII’s monster battles.

What are the types of Sujimon?

Sujimon are divided into five different types, following a classic rock-paper-scissors mechanism. The goal is to build a cohesive team and lead it to victory by using your fighters’ special skills wisely. To improve your team, you can feed your Sujimon specialized energy drinks or merge duplicates to make room in your inventory while strengthening your units. Some may even evolve, thanks to the miracle of the American nature.

How to improve your Sujimon fighters?

However, improving your Sujimon team is not the only way. Dondoko Island will also play a crucial role. Its Dondoko Farm hosts and trains idle Sujimons. Your roving mercenaries can also contribute to the growth of Dondoko Island by working in the fields or collecting money to fund projects. Allowing your Sujimons to engage in daily life will boost their confidence in Ichiban Kasuga, their mentor, allowing them to intervene more directly in Sujimon battles.

And if this colossal mini-game seems entirely optional, know that Ichiban Kasuga will unlock the Sugimancer job, allowing him to summon his minions in regular battles. However, their effectiveness will depend solely on their level, so your investment in the grand Sujimon quest. This should easily add around twenty hours of gameplay.

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