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An integral aspect of Persona 5 Royal’s RPG gameplay is the intricate Persona system. Each Persona has its own arcana, type, strengths, and weaknesses. To enhance their power, a fusion system exists in the Velvet Room. Fusion methods vary, each with distinct conditions, advantages, and constraints.

Where to Find a Fusion Calculator?

Due to the significance and complexity of fusions in Persona 5 Royal, players have compiled tables summarizing all Persona fusions by efficiency and resistance on platforms like GitHub. A detailed table with comprehensive information is available for enthusiasts seeking optimal fusion strategies.

Fusion calculator persona 5 royal

How to Fuse Personas in Persona 5 Royal?

Several methods and conditions govern Persona fusion in Persona 5 Royal, offering both advantages and constraints.

Classic Fusion:

Select two owned Personas to create a new one. Key aspects of this process include:

  • Each Persona has an arcana, with higher levels granting significant bonuses.
  • Your current level limits fusion possibilities, preventing the creation of a Persona higher than your level.

After confirming the fusion, choices include selecting an attribute, a passive skill intrinsic to the Persona, and choosing inherited skills from the merging Personas.

Advanced Fusion | Persona 5 Royal:

Similar to classic fusion, advanced fusion involves merging three Personas to create a new one. It allows the use of Personas from the Velvet Room catalog, maintaining the same actions and choices as classic fusion.

The Gallows | Persona 5 Royal:

Later in the game, using the Gallows strengthens Personas by sacrificing one for the level, skills, and characteristics of another. This method creates powerful Personas, playing with arcana effects.

Mutation | Persona 5 Royal:

A unique fusion with an item, creating specific objects like skills on a blank card or powerful items, using the requested item for the corresponding Persona.

Additional Fusion Conditions:

Persona 5 Royal introduces new conditions in the Velvet Room, adding complexity to the fusion process.

Alarm Fusions | Persona 5 Royal:

Starting from the 3rd palace, alarms occur, allowing the creation of more powerful Personas with boosted basic skills. It enhances damage, protection, and passive effects.

Incense | Persona 5 Royal:

Using incense in the Velvet Room allows modification during Persona fusion, increasing specific statistics to empower your companions.

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