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New information about Resident Evil 9 has surfaced, suggesting an immensely significant game. The saga appears to be undergoing a genuine transformation.

Capcom’s Resident Evil remains a thriving franchise over the years, resilient against all odds, and adored by the audience. Recently, the exceptional remake of the fourth installment delighted fans, but the series continues to evolve with new titles. In 2017, a significant shift occurred, transitioning to a first-person perspective and returning to a more horror-centric atmosphere with the seventh game. This was followed by Village and its DLC, concluding the Winters’ story. The ninth iteration is now in development, and the details we’ve learned are quite astounding.

Resident Evil 9, maybe the biggest game in the franchise

The provided information should be approached with caution, as it is not yet officially confirmed. It originates from Dusk Golem, a reliable insider known for accurate insights into the franchise. According to him, the development budget for Resident Evil 9 is substantial, the largest in the series to date. This suggests that the upcoming installment is poised to be a monumental title, potentially surpassing all previous Resident Evil games in scale. If his claims hold true, this indicates exciting prospects for the upcoming release.

Capcom aims for Resident Evil 9 to serve as a pivotal conclusion, setting the stage for fresh narrative arcs and novel directions. Despite bidding farewell to the Winters family, the absence of characters like Claire, Leon, and Ada raises questions, while Chris Redfield emerges as a central figure, bridging the narrative from Resident Evil 7 to Resident Evil 8 Village and potentially beyond. The scale and ambition of this project suggest a plausible 2025 release, though this timeline might disappoint eager fans.

Resident evil 9 leaks

Resident Evil 9 faced more leaks, revealing a ghost town setting in the west and encounters with mythical creatures. However, it promises to deviate significantly from the styles of Resident Evil 7 and Village, marking a potential “new chapter” for the franchise. A departure not only in narrative but also in gameplay. Will the perspective shift back to third person, or could it surprise us further? Unfortunately, answers remain elusive. Meanwhile, delve into the Resident Evil 4 Remake‘s Ada Wong-focused DLC for a taste of what’s to come.

When is resident evil 9 coming out

RE9 is expected to be released around 2025, but no specific date has been revealed yet. It will be a while before we know when players can get their hands on this new installment in the Resident Evil series.

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