Rocksteady | Co-Founders Launch Hundred Star Games

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Just a few days prior to the launch of Suicide Squad, the co-founders of Rocksteady have inaugurated their new studio.

Whether this aligns with the calendar coincidentally or is a meticulously planned announcement, the specifics of the timing matter little. What draws attention is the revelation that Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, co-founders who departed from Rocksteady in 2022 due to persistent delays with Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, have initiated a new venture named Hundred Star Games.

Only weeks away from the game’s release, this information discloses the duo’s decision to explore fresh avenues. Their newly established company already boasts an official website outlining a clear vision: recruiting a maximum of one hundred individuals to focus on developing top-tier AAA games, with London serving as the operational hub.

The new leadership emphasizes a strong commitment to cultivating a healthy and supportive work environment, intending to foster robust connections with employees. This stance notably contrasts with the toxicity accusations that surrounded the previous studio a few years ago. Polygon reports that numerous Rocksteady employees have apparently departed to join a still undisclosed studio.
The emergence of Hundred Star Games might be perceived as impeccably timed, prompting speculation about potential ties to events surrounding the release of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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