Sonic frontiers update 3

Sonic Frontiers

Following its plan meticulously, Sonic Frontiers will conclude its narrative with the “The Final Horizon” update, a complimentary DLC that will bring a definitive end to the game’s storyline. The Sonic Team has confirmed the immediate availability of this update.

What is Sonic Frontiers Update 3 about?

Sonic Frontiers third update, named “The Final Horizon,” introduces an additional story centered around the pursuit of the Chaos Emeralds. Players can embody Amy, Tails, and Knuckles, engaging in new challenges, collecting items, and benefiting from technical adjustments. To sustain Sonic’s rapid movement, the Sonic Team has integrated gameplay modifications. Amy utilizes her mallet as both a gyroscopic wheel and a blunt weapon, Tails soars using his double tail and calls upon a mini fighter jet, while Knuckles glides and delivers powerful blows. Furthermore, the trailer unveils Super Sonic advancing to the SSJ2 stage.

Sonic Superstars, the new game in the franchise

Simultaneously, Sonic Superstars, a fresh 2.5D addition to the franchise, offers a nostalgic experience with local co-op supporting up to 4 players in the Story mode. Released on October 17 across various platforms, it introduces 4v4 mini-games and high-speed races.

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