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Against all odds, it seems that Starfield players are set for an eagerly-awaited upgrade, not just by modding enthusiasts but also by Bethesda’s direct efforts. The much-requested feature’s absence is soon to end as its addition looms on the horizon.

While Starfield‘s fans have tirelessly refined their favored game, Bethesda is poised to launch its own enhancement with the arrival of Nvidia’s DLSS technology. Missing at the game’s release in September and sorely missed by aficionados, it’s finally set to emerge. Existing alternatives had not fully appeased players, but the tide is about to turn with the official rollout of DLSS.

DLSS Soon to Hit Starfield

Despite an initial exclusive partnership with AMD and its FSR 2.0 for upscaling, Bethesda has indicated that DLSS will be available for beta testing on Steam shortly, followed by a general release on PC after positive feedback. While this feature will initially benefit PC users with Nvidia graphics cards, Xbox gamers can look forward to HDR enhancements and other subsequent updates.
Below is a video explaining how to enjoy DLSS through a community mod.

Future Enhancements in Store

Moreover, Bethesda has announced that the next version of FSR, the 3.0, will be part of another update down the line. This will test the true impact of DLSS compared to AMD’s technologies and its performance against the forthcoming FSR 3.0.
Since its release, Starfield has been undergoing continual improvements, despite initial release disappointments. With the community’s modding efforts and Bethesda’s enhancements, a smoothly optimized 60fps gameplay on Xbox Series may be achievable in the future.

The year 2024 is set to be pivotal for Starfield with the anticipated launch of the first DLC, “Shattered Space” and Bethesda’s plan to share its game development kit with the player community.

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