Starfield | Unraveling the Decline and Hopes for a Revival in Player Interest


Launched with high expectations that had thrust Starfield into the spotlight, the game now appears to be experiencing a notable decline in popularity, particularly (or perhaps primarily) on PC.Starfield, Bethesda’s latest creation, is undergoing a significant decrease in its appeal, now sporting a ‘Mixed’ rating on the Steam platform.

Is Starfield no longer captivating?

Initially well-received upon its release, Starfield is facing a slow but steady decline in public opinion. The initial enthusiasm has waned, and even the most dedicated players are reevaluating their judgment. Recently, Starfield has been ranked as Bethesda’s lowest-rated game. It has also received a disappointing number of nominations at the Game Awards, and its rating on Steam has dropped to ‘Mixed.’

Upon checking Starfield’s Steam page, it is evident that both the “Recent Reviews” and “All Reviews” sections show a ‘Mixed’ rating. This shift is noteworthy after receiving 75,898 reviews, with only 48% being recent positive reviews. Overall, 69% of the reviews among these 75,898 are positive, a relatively low result compared to the rest of Bethesda’s catalog.

This decline does not come as a surprise to many fans. A recent Reddit thread dedicated to Starfield’s new ‘Mixed’ rating is filled with critiques from players who have invested up to 100 hours in the game. Some describe the game as “completely uninteresting” or “too ambitious.” Similar complaints can be found in Steam reviews, where one user even claims to have lost enthusiasm for The Elder Scrolls 6.

The end of an epic

Other players highlight technical issues, such as frequent and lengthy loading screens, as well as a sense of wasting their time. They also criticize the cumbersome navigation and the desolate nature of the planets. Starfield’s decline seems to be linked to player boredom, especially when compared to games like Skyrim and Fallout, which are considered infinitely replayable.

It remains to be seen whether Bethesda will succeed in revitalizing interest in Starfield. The idea that the game could win the Best RPG award at the Game Awards, competing against titles like Baldur’s Gate 3, seems somewhat unrealistic. Fans hope that potential DLC or the announced modding tools could extend the game’s lifespan, even though it may seem somewhat late.

Nevertheless, there are still high hopes when considering what a talented modding community can achieve. Just look at Skyrim for proof. Beyond a quality base material, it becomes a true long-term epic. The same holds true for Fallout games or the older Elder Scrolls titles.

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