Street Fighter 6 | Capcom Teases Boxer Ed’s Arrival

Ed Street Fighter 6

Capcom is kicking off its winter season with an initial teaser featuring the boxer Ed.

Making his debut in Street Fighter 5, where he introduced “modern” controls by ditching quarter-circle movements, this blond fighter will be making his way to Metro City in February.

Created as an artificial clone of M. Bison for the purpose of serving as an emergency organ pocket, Ed experienced accelerated aging to reach adulthood. Although this process endowed him with a portion of Psycho Power, commonly used to bind his opponents like hams before pulling them in, it also took a toll on his life expectancy. Street Fighter 6 unfolds a few years after Street Fighter 5, portraying a weakened, pale Ed—still proficient with his fists but visibly weathered. His return for a subsequent episode seems unlikely unless an unforeseen twist occurs.

Capcom announces Ed’s arrival in February. Following the releases of the dynamic Rashid and the venomous A.K.I. in the seasonal pass, the psycho-boxer will be succeeded by the eagerly awaited Akuma, who, too, shows signs of aging with white hair and reaching the sixty-year milestone.

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