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Only three weeks away from the highly anticipated release of Helldivers 2 on PlayStation 5 and PC, Arrowhead Game Studios is delighted to announce the completion of the game’s development. The last time such excitement engulfed the Swedish studio dates back to early 2015, marking the release of the very first Helldivers on the PlayStation consoles of that era (PS4, PS3, PS Vita).

PC players had to wait until December 2015 to see this PlayStation game arrive on Steam, sparking genuine curiosity at the time. Times have since significantly changed, and it is with the support of crossplay that Helldivers 2 will make its debut simultaneously on PS5 and PC on February 8, 2024. This presents an opportunity to explore the concept of controlled democracy in the face of two major threats: the Terminids, a race of insectoid monsters, and an army of brainless robots known as the Automatons.

Despite the transition from a modest isometric design to a third-person shooter perspective (TPS), Helldivers 2 retains the same concepts that contributed to the success of its predecessor. The game is specially designed for cooperative play with a team of 4 players. This collaboration can quickly turn into a drama in case of poor team cohesion, especially since friendly fire (the ability to injure or kill a teammate) is not just an option but rather a sacred rule.

Still, there are some lingering questions!

While the game’s roadmap remains relatively mysterious, one certainty emerges regarding the principle of Helldivers 2. Players will be tasked with chaining carefully selected missions from their spaceship and investing the earnings obtained in the improvement of both the spacecraft and their arsenal. If the exciting prospect of decimating insectoid and robotic vermin with a varied arsenal, including weapons and stratagems ranging from simple turrets to orbital bombardments, outweighs the risk of accidentally dismembering a ally due to clumsiness, it is important to note that the soldiers of Super-Earth will commence their major cleanup campaign on February 8. It is worth mentioning that donning the armor of freedom defenders comes at a cost, set at 40 euros.

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