Lies of P | A DLC and Lies of P 2 Announced

Lies of P

Lies of P made a swift impact on the market by selling over a million copies shortly after release, which clearly showed that the brain trust at Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio were not about to rest on their laurels. In a video broadcast on streaming platforms, Jim Choi, the brains behind the game affectionately dubbed the Timothée Chalamet Simulator, revealed plans for an expansion of the Lies of P universe with a sequel and the upcoming release of both a downloadable content (DLC) and a significant patch.

For those who relish Souls-Like games, recent months have been rewarding with notable titles like Lies of P and Lords of The Fallen vying for attention. Riding on its commercial success, Lies of P is set to be supplemented with a DLC, and a sequel is already in the pipeline. A patch is also being finalized to enhance the overall game quality by adjusting weapon balance and easing the difficulty of the initial levels, among other improvements. Jim Choi shared this news in a video titled “Lies of P – Director’s Letter.”

Priority on the Lies of P DLC

In the said video, Jim Choi states, “Our top priority right now is to develop the DLC and work on our sequel. The development team is putting considerable effort into thinking through and exploring the different aspects of these projects. There is a lot to look forward to in the DLC. Let your imagination run wild and anticipate what’s to come.” Teasing the audience, only two visual snippets related to the upcoming DLC were posted online: one illustrating a shipwreck at the mercy of the sea, and the other an industrial facility reminiscent of a massive cold storage room that Mr. Freeze would not disapprove of. At present, no release dates have been announced for the DLC or for Lies of P 2 of course.

An Upcoming Patch for Lies of P soon to be released

Alongside these announcements, the team at Round8 Studio is diligently working on a patch that will improve the game’s quality of life by tweaking weapon balance and reducing the difficulty of the game’s initial stages, among other enhancements. The complete list of improvements that the upcoming patch will bring will soon be available on the official Lies of P website.

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